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Competitive Contract Notice

1. Title: UK-Basildon: Supply, Install and Commission 2nd Boiler
2. Awarding Authority: Official name: Basildon District Council, Postal Address: The Basildon Centre, St Martin's Square, Town: Basildon, Telephone: 01268 294339, E-mail:, Contact Point(s): Legal and Governance, For the attention of: Colin Messom, Postal Code: SS14 1DL, Country: UNITED KINGDOM, Fax: 01268 294599, General address of the contracting authority (URL):, Address of the Buyer Profile (URL):
3. Contract type: Supplies
4. Description: To supply, install and commission a second boiler in the Basildon Centre.Boiler installations.Auxiliary plant for use with boilers. Boilers.
5. CPV code:
Main Object: 42160000.
Additional Object: 44621200.
Additional Object: 42164000.
6. NUTS code: UKH3.
7. Main site or location of works, main place of delivery or main place of performance: UKH3.
8. Reference attributed by awarding authority: CP-2010-0076
9. Estimated Value of Requirement: Category J: 25K to 50K
Currency: GBP
10. Deadline for expression of interest: 31/08/2010
Time: 12:00
11. Address to which they must be sent: As in I.1.
12. Other information: The project,for the Basildon Centre, is for the supply, install and commission of a condensing boiler, manifold kit, pump and flue system to match with the existing. The new equipment will need to be linked to the existing BMS. An optional requirement is to remove from site 2 redundant boilers (one in dismantled, the other to be dismantled). The new boiler is required to be installed and fully commissioned by 26 October 2010 with handover to Basildon District Council for operational use on 1 November 2010. Conditions of Contract require JCT Minor Works Building Contract 2005 (Revision 2007). To register your expression of interest for this project email providing the following detail: Reference Number: CP-2010-0076 BOILERS Name of Company: Name of Contact: Contact's Designation: Contact's email address: Full Postal Address of Company: Company's Telephone No: Company's Fax No: Company's Registration No; Company's Registered address (If different from above) Company's website address; This is a one stage process with the qualification questionnaire being issued with the requirements / quotations documents. Before submitting quotation, it is recommended that bidders contact Rob Heath, Building Surveyor, on 01268 294498, to arrange a visit to the site to take all necessary measurements and ascertain any local conditions, restrictions, etc. The Qualification Questionnaire and the quotation are to be returned together as specified in the outgoing documentation. Responses will be accessed according to the relevant evaluation criteria stipulated in the issued documentation.
13. Submitted date: 17/08/2010


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